Welcome to the Agile•1 Supplier Partner Programme

Agile•1 has established relationships with over 2000 highly respected, global workforce suppliers.

Agile•1 offers an international Supplier Partnership Programme that enables clients to reduce direct supplier costs, while increasing the quality of the talent pool. With over 30 years of experience in the talent acquisition industry, Agile•1 does more than make supplier recommendations. We offer an end-to-end supplier partnership solution that automates the talent sourcing process, matching hiring managers' needs with the best candidates from qualified suppliers.

Our Supplier Partnership Programme provides a single point-of-contact for clients. Agile•1 manages supplier relationships in accordance with customer needs. Our supplier management programme is flexible to facilitate the complete requisition, order fulfillment, end-of-assignment process and/or manage all supplier contracts and relationships. Agile•1 maximises the value of your staffing partners and helps mitigate the risks involved when doing business with multiple staffing agencies.

"Supplier feedback is encouraged, sought out and responded to in a timely manner."

SVP Business Development
Spectraforce Technologies, Inc.